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Visit the museums with air-conditions and attractions in Shanghai


A museum, as a hub of culture, gives voice to a city and tells a story about its past and present.

Most classic • Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum is one of the four major museums in China, with the other three located in Beijing, Nanjing, and Xi 'an.

The precious cultural relics it collects are mainly bronze wares, pottery, paintings and calligraphies, along with coins, jades, sculptures, seals and printing, and ethnic handicrafts. It is known as a museum collecting almost half of the cultural relics in China.

Coolest •Museum of Glass

In 2012, Shanghai Museum of Glass was ranked by CNN Go under CNN as one of the three museums in China that a tourist must visit (the other two are Beijing Palace Museum and Museum of the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang in Xi'an).

The visitors will be impressed by its exquisite as well as avant-garde exhibition and space design, beautiful glass exhibits, and lots of interesting interactive.

Fanciest Colored Glaze Museum

Different from plain glass, colored glaze is made of various colors and look transparent. LIULI CHINA MUSEUM is the first industrial museum to display the colored glaze art in China and Asia, and it is honored as "the most beautiful museum in Shanghai".

Most Typical of Shanghai Shanghai Shikumen Museum

The whole museum, built in the form of a single-family home in a lane in the 1920s, has 7 major exhibition rooms, namely a living room, a study, a room for the aged, a masters room, a daughter room, a sons room, and a kitchen. It is designed so that the visitor is, as it were, reading a story of a Shikumen home.

Most valuable Shanghai Bank Museum

Here in Shanghai Bank Museum, you can see Far East No. 1 Vault (duplicate), and some of the key highlight of its collections: a set of steel carved plates used by American Bank Note Company to print money for a number of domestic Banks at that time, letter of appointment of bank cadres signed by premier Zhou Enlai, and the first to fifth sets of Renminbi.

Top web-celebrity •Shanghai Natueal History Museum

As a comprehensive museum rich in exhibits related to natural sciences, including paleontology, botany, zoology, and anthropology, it reminds one of the film Night at the Museum.

It has now 270,000 exhibits, of which the Ancient Elephant of Yellow River and Mamenxi Dinosaur are the most precious treasure of the museum.

Cutest Teddy Bear Museum

As the first Teddy Bear experience museum in Shanghai, it has collected rare limited editions of Teddy Bears from around the world. Since the Teddy Bear is everywhere to be found, regardless of the world's famous buildings, iconic scenes in Shanghai, the world of fairy tales, films and TV shows, it is no wonder that the museum is so populous among the fans of Teddy Bear.

Most natural • Shanghai Wood Culture Museum

It is the only science museum with wooden culture as the theme in China, delivering an all-covered experience of playing, appreciating and making wood to the visitors.

Vastest Shanghai Astronomy Museum

Sitting at the top of the Sheshan Mountain, the museum is home to various telescopes used in history and lots of old photographs that are not available in the market, apart from its most precious treasure, the 1000px binocular refractor.

Most Artistic Power Station of Art

During the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, it was the Pavilion of Future. It has witnessed how the city transformed from an industrial era into the information age.

The 165-meter-high chimney is one of Shanghai's urban landmarks.

Most Professional Shanghai Auto Museum

Home to over 20 brands of nearly 100 classic antique cars, it offers a peer into some wonderful moments during the development of automobile in the past century.