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Let us start a time travel to 6,000 years ago!


Songjiang Guangfulin Cultural Relics traces back to the Neolithic Age.

Most striking are its three underwater cultural museums. Viewed from afar, the three roofs above the water seem to float on the water. It is indeed a magnificent sight.

Of the three buildings, one displays the unearthed cultural relics;

One breathes life into the folk customs of the Han Dynasty;

And the third one mainly shows the images and deeds of important historical figures in ancient Shanghai.

It also offers a picture of the life of our ancestors, like fishing, hunting and farming; the long history full of ups and downs and prosperous Songjiang Prefecture in the dynasties of Ming, Qing and the Republic of China.

Fulin Tower is an independent landscape in the site, neither a Buddhist temple nor a Taoist temple.

Below the tower is the entrance to the Ancient Pottery Museum, where many national treasures are on display.

Zhiyechan Temple has a long history. Legend has it thatan eminent monk of the Tang Dynasty spent ten years raising funds by begging alms to have the temple built. And sure enough, the temple reflects the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty.

The folk culture complex is dominated by a variety of buildings, each with its own characteristics.

Chen Zilong Memorial Hall

Winding corridor beside the Tomb Chen Zilong

Town's God Temple

San-yuan Palace

Temple of Guan Yu

In addition, there is a fabulous garden landscape, where you can walk across the ancient bridge, admire the flowing water, and marvel at the carved beams, painting houses, pavilionsgraceful while grand.