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10 newly-built A-level tourist attractions in Shanghai


Recently, ten A-level scenic spots have been built in Shanghai, with 7 4A-level parks and 3 3A-level parks. By far, Shanghai is home to 50 national 4A-level scenic spots, and 6 national 3A-level scenic spots.

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Shanghai Taihui Life and Culture Park


Address: No. 888 Park Road, Pudong New District

The park, a large cultural and artistic landmark with unique features on the east side of Shanghai, is the largest private museum in the city, consisting of Jingang Museum, teahouses, ancient buildings, and the Glazed World.

As the Tasting of Tea Made from Old Tea Trees Growing on the Hilltop across China was hosted there, visitors were allowed to taste hundreds of Pu 'er tea, turning it into a feast.

Shanghai Lavender Garden


Address: Zihailuyuan, No. 2018 Beyan Highway, Chongming Island

The garden, sitting on No. 2018 Beyan Highway, Chongming Island, the third largest island of China, is the only large garden in Shanghai that grows the lavender, a pure variety from Provence, France.

It has also many scenic spots like Maya love beast, Yuelao bridge, love garden, museum of love, and firefly pavilion.

Shanghai Lianyi Loquat Garden


Address: No. 7166 Outer Qingsong Road, Qingpu District

Located in Qingpu District, the garden is named because it has a 400 mu loquat forest.

Apart from loquat, the farm food here is absolutely authentic. Treat you buds to the pure farm food by visiting any of the farmhouse restaurants.

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Shanghai Xianqiao Ecological Village


Address: No. 649 Middle Xianqiao Road, Shuxin Town, Chongming Island

Home to ecological fruit and vegetables, ecological aquaculture, ecological homespun art, and ecological artist studio, it is an ideal destination for holidays and leisure, not to mention its ecological home stay facilities designed by famous designers.

In summer, the orchard here is an absolute highlight, with kiwi berry, yellow peach, banana, honey peach, dragon fruit and other special fruits to challenge your buds.

Shanghai Dongtan Wetland


Address: No. 649 Middle Xianqiao Road, Shuxin Town, Chongming Island

The wetland is a landmark scenic spot based on natural resources tourism, an important habitat for the wild population of Yangtze alligator - a species under state protection, and an important stop and wintering habitat of the Asia-Pacific migratory birds as they migrate in winter.

It is home to earthquake exhibition hall, wetland science museum, and Yangtze alligator science museum.

Shanghai Jinshanzui Fishing Village


Address: No. 6394 Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway, Shanyang Town, Jinshan District, Shangha

The village, with its history dating back as early as 7,000 years ago, is the last village of this kind in Shanghai. As a famous fishing port of the city, it boasts a thriving marine fishery.

It has a charming old street dotted with Ming and Qing style buildings featuring green brick, black tile, and horse-head wall.

There is also an urban beach - an ideal destination for people to enjoy the sea breeze or admire the sunset in the evening, or build a sand sculpture.

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Shanghai Shanggang Cruise City


Address: No. 6394 Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway, Shanyang Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai

The cruise city, a waterfront complex on the North Bund boasting the skyline of Shanghai and a 1,200-meter coastline, commands a panoramic view of the Huangpu River.

The riverside greenbelt on the North Bund has three unique landscapes, namely, Waterdrop, Rainbow Bridge, and Gate of Music, earning it a name of the most beautiful footpath with river view.

The glass wall of the cultural corridor not only enables visitors to enjoy the scenery along both sides of the Huangpu River, but also help them to understand their century-old history.

Shanghai Sihang Warehouse Memorial Hall


Address: 1 Guangfu Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai

The memorial hall, the only well-preserved war site in Shanghai, offers a peer into history for people to cherish the memory of our revolutionary martyrs, remember the invasion, and do not forget the national humiliation.

Its exhibits and displays, all well made and true to life as well as based on facts, are evidenced in very detail. Therefore, it is of significance to visit such a museum where the true history is illustrated.

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Aurora Museum


Address: No. 99 Fucheng Road, Lujiazui, Pudong New District, Shanghai

When it comes to the wealthiest museums, there is no doubt that Aurora Museum is on the top list. The private museum owned by the president of Aurora Group has a collection of Buddhist statues, jades, pottery, as well as blue and white porcelain.

Sightseeing Hall at The Top of Shanghai


Address: No. 501 Middle Yincheng Road, Pudong New District

Sitting at the 118th floor of The Top of Shanghai, which is now China's highest and worlds second highest super skyscraper situated in central Shanghai, the sightseeing hall impresses one with its vertical height of 546 meters. It offers a 360-degree view of the city, making itself a perfect destination to experience what it feels like to place oneself in a city of sky.