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Qipao丨with charm defying words


For the youth, it may be hard to understand why the Shanghainese are so fond of Qipao, a self-evident thing in the eyes of the older Shanghai people. Qipao saw its prime in the 1920s, for it underscores the feminine beauty incisively and vividly. That is why it became a pride of the ladies of Shanghai.

Then, what is the best way to wear a Qipao?


For a girl, simple braids will be a good choice. But a Qipao looks the most charming on a woman of experience. So, an exquisite up-done hair that adds to the quiet quality of a woman goes best with a Qipao.


Preferable, wear a pair of velvet and satin shoes; if not available, plain high heels can be considered.

Matching colors

It refers not only to the color of your Qipao, but also your hair color, makeup, shoe color, and so on. When all these come in harmony, you are surely a beauty as wearing it.


Since a Qipao fits closely your body, it demands a good figure. In most cases, however, a custom-made Qipao will fit any kind of figure.

A Shanghai lady enjoys a unique advantage if she wants to be a Qipao-lady. Shanghai is home to many time-honored Qipao shops, so they can always find one to their liking.

Longfeng Qipao

207-209 North Shanxi Road

It has operated in Shanghai since 1936. Buckles, the slant, and covered edge are all treated with care, so the Qipao it produces is well-known in Shanghai. The tailor-made products are expensive, but they are worth it.

Ligulong (Changle Road store)

205 Changle Road

Purely hand-made, with the buckles fixed one by one on the front, such a Qipao always takes a long time to produce, which sells at a relatively high price.

Manloulan (South Maoming Road shop)

70 South Maoming Road

With fine embroidery, vivid patterns, and smooth stitches, the Qipao design here mainly come in classic style, suitable for all occasions.

Hongxiang (North Shanxi Road store)

131 North Shanxi Road

A well-established Qipao shop in Shanghai, it is famous for supplying products of complicated colors and designs, with a good silk texture. It also supplies overcoat for autumn and winter. The old masters have developed an excellent skill, who know how to make the best of your figure when designing a perfect Qipao for you.

Fenghexiang Qipao

No. 192, 1F, 399 Lujiabang Road

Though it doesnt look impressive, it is a century-old Qipao shop in Shanghai. Qipao that made in this shop is first-rate in both workmanship and style, and is of a high cost performance compared with those customized and sold for 10,000 yuan or so.