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Huangpu River Tour in Shanghai


On the map, from the Bund full of exotic buildings and Yu Garden full of pavilions, terraces and pagodas, to the modern Lujiazui, the city's landmarks are almost all along the shore, forming a romantic cityscape with the unique features of Shanghai.

Pudong New Area

Memories and imagination interweave tightly. Past and present add radiance to each other. I want to take you to enjoy the breeze on the Riverside Promenade in Pudong. The Riverside Promenade in Pudong is more than 20km long. The area is quite huge. I suggest you take Metro Line 2, Line 6 and Line 8 respectively, to go sightseeing at different stations.

1.The Four Skyscrapers in Shanghai

Shanghai Tower It's the second tallest building around the world, the tallest building in China and a landmark of Shanghai. The 632m building spirals up into the sky. With a double-glazing outer wall, it's a green, intelligent, cultural vertical city.

Shanghai World Financial Center It's 492m tall. Mainly for office use, it's a multi-function tower that integrates commerce, hotel and conference facilities. The Sky Walk on the 100th floor and the Sky Arena on the 94th floor have become a new global tourist attraction.

Jinmao Tower It's 420.5m tall. The main part has 88 floors. The long-standing oriental pagoda architectural culture and the world's modern architectural technology are organically combined, forming the unique and classic style of Jinmao Tower.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower It's one of the symbolic cultural tourist attractions in Shanghai and one of the first approved AAAAA National Tourist Attractions in China. On the Oriental Pearl, you can have a panorama of the Bund. The tower and the exotic buildings on the Bund on the other side of the river add radiance to each other.

2.Shipyard 1862 Theater

The shipyard built in 1862 in Shanghai recorded the history of China's shipbuilding industry. Today, the old shipyard has become a theater facing the Huangpu River. The mottled red wall, beams and columns constitute a space full of an industrial sense.

3.Minsheng Silos Art Space

The buildings once were the largest bulk grain silos in Asia. In the future, the Minsheng Dock will become an art dock, a world-class cultural and creative center that represents Shanghai best and has the thickest cultural atmosphere of Shanghai.

4.China Arts Museum

It's a center for the dissemination of Chinese modern and contemporary classical art and the communication between Eastern and Western cultures, a nonprofit academic museum of modern and contemporary art. Art collection and storage, academic research, display and exhibition, popular education and international communication are its basic functions.

5.Mercedes-Benz Arena

As one of the most important permanent venues for the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, Mercedes-Benz Arena is a venue with 18,000 seats. It also contains a music club, cinema, ice rink, restaurants and retail areas.

6.Shanghai Expo Park

As a green space for exhibition use that can hold high-density tourists, it gives the city a high-quality natural environment and cultural landscape, an oxygen bank, a comfortable and healthy outdoor leisure space.

7.Foreshore Leisure Park

On the foreshore of the Huangpu River, the Foreshore Leisure Park and the Foreshore Friendship City Park together form the 23km foreshore waterscape walk. There are red brick walls, terraced lawns, rain gardens, cambered lawns, golden sand pits, barbecue areas and green vegetation. Everything you want is available. It's a comfortable place to get close to nature and relax.

Xuhui District

Xuhui Riverside Greenway is one of the waterfront areas in downtown Shanghai that has the most vitality for public life and the biggest room for imagination. As a green belt along the Huangpu River, Xuhui Riverside Greenway can cater to all kinds of needs. It's a jogging track for sports lovers, a viewing platform for nearby residents and a new landmark for art lovers.

8.Rihui Port Footbridge

Before the National Day in 2016, the Rihui Port Footbridge that connects the Xuhui Riverside Greenway to the Huangpu Riverside Greenway was formally opened to traffic. At present, it has become an important viewing footbridge for Shanghai citizens to walk along the Huangpu River.

9.Long Museum West Bund

Long Museum is a private art museum founded by collector Liu Yiqian and his wife Wang Wei, designed by Chinese architect Liu Yichun. With a gross floor area of 33,000㎡ and an exhibition area of 16,000㎡, it is now the largest private art museum in China with the strongest strength in collection.

10.Adidas RunBase West Bund

It's China's first year-round non-profit Adidas RunBase. Its main function is to provide free sneaker rental. There are hundreds of pairs of colorful shoes, including out-of-production classic shoes and currently bestselling shoes that sell for several thousand Yuan. Running training is also available.

Huangpu District

Huangpu Riverside Greenway starts from Suzhou River in the north and ends at Rihui Port in the south. It's 8.3km long. The main thread of the city's profound history and culture runs through the greenway. The port-opening history of the Bund, the history of the old city, the dock culture, the history of Jiangnan Machinery Manufacture General Bureau and the culture of the World Expo gather here and add beauty to each other.

11.Exotic Building Clusters in the Bund of Shanghai

It's the epitome of Shanghai in the past one century. The exotic buildings of different styles on the west bank of the Huangpu River and the towering modern skyscrapers on the east bank of the Huangpu River contrast with each other, forming the myriad charms of Shanghai at night. There are just too many things for the eye to see!

12.The Cool Docks

The Cool Docks has many legends, which are truly Shanghai style. Stories about the tycoons on the Shanghai Bund have been passed down in the riverside alleys and Shikumen building clusters. Today, the Cool Docks will better integrate the art, culture, business and fashion of Shanghai, presenting a unique Shanghai style to the world.

13.World Expo Museum

The design themes of the building are "memory of the world expo" and "urban life". The "festive cloud" made of 3,730 pieces of triangular glass is eye-catching. The permanent exhibition hall exhibits a lot of precious historical materials about the World Expo. Scenes of the Shanghai World Expo are reproduced by elaborate model making and multimedia interaction.

14.New Shiliupu Dock

Shiliupu Dock in old Shanghai is the most famous dock on the Shanghai Bund. With a history of 150 years, it once was the largest dock in the Far East and the water gateway to Shanghai. It carries a lot of historical and cultural memories of Shanghai. Now the thoroughly remolded New Shiliupu Dock is also fascinating and attractive.

Hongkou District

From here, the Suzhou River flows into the Huangpu River, forming a confident and safe path. The city's feelings as good as water, the city's memories as inclusive as the sea and the century-old shipping culture add the dignity of history to and inject the temperature of culture into the 2.5km waterfront.

15.North Bund Riverside Greenbelt

The greenbelt is 136,000㎡. The new sports landmark, a 10m x10m high-tech interactive football field, and the world's first edutainment equipment that balances entertainment with education, the MEMO game maze, can perfectly combines mental movement with physical movement.

16.Garden Bridge of Shanghai

Thanks to its rich history and unique design, the Garden Bridge of Shanghai has become one of the symbols of Shanghai. It is also a symbol of Shanghai's modernization and industrialization. On the bridge, at any moment, there are always more than one couple snuggling with each other, sweetly freeze-framing the happy present.

17.Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

During 1933-1941, Shanghai accepted nearly 30,000 Jewish refugees from Europe fleeing Nazi massacres and persecution and built a "Noah's Ark" for them.

18."The Most Beautiful Bookstore in the Riverside Area" JIC Bookstore

It has a reading room like Hogwarts. When the door as thick as a palace wall opens slowly, a three-story-high space will appear in front of you. There is a dome and large vintage clock. The river can be viewed from the large French window.

19.Slaughterhouse of Municipal Council since 1933

The Slaughterhouse of Municipal Council since 1933 has become a creative industry cluster. The original structural system and spatial relations, coupled with its own historical background and architectural characteristics, endow the building with a unique charm. It became a special base for accommodation, sightseeing and shopping to tourists during the Shanghai World Expo.

20.Gongping Road Dock

The shore is about 245m. It is the first garden-style landscape ferry terminal in Shanghai. Besides providing convenience for citizens to cross the river, it has also become a new landmark for tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Huangpu River.

21.The Seagull on the Bund

The Seagull on the Bund is at the intersection of the Huangpu River and Suzhou River in Shanghai. The building overlooks the famous Exotic Building Clusters in the Bund, the Huangpu River, the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower, Jinmao Tower and Pudong New Area.

22.Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal

On the north Bund, a comprehensive commercial development project that integrates a cruise terminal, commerce and offices is a place worth visiting. In the Gaoyang Road Dock area with a 160-year history of loading and unloading cargos, a modern building complex around the International Cruise Terminal has been built, forming a landmark water gateway to Shanghai in the new century.

Yangpu District

Yangpu may be a district that has the longest shoreline on the west bank of the Huangpu River. The 15.5km shoreline twists and turns, drawing an "ear" on the map of Shanghai. 94 scenic spots and 262,000㎡ industrial remains in the south riverside area are all preserved. This old industrial area, which is called "the world's largest remaining riverside industrial belt" by UNESCO experts, is concentrated with the history of the rise of urban civilization in Shanghai.

23.Oriental Fisherman's Wharf

China's first fish market born in the 1930s now has a more stylish name, "Fisherman’s Wharf". The featured landscape "Setting Sail from the Fishing Port" on the wharf is one of the "fourteen featured landscapes in the four greenbelts" along the riverside in Yangpu. The piles are arranged in the shape of a ship’s bow, showing the old scene.

24.Reed Pond and Cedar Path

It's rare to see swaying reeds in the city. Along the riverside in Yangpu, such a wild scene is an eye-opener. When the weather is good, nearby residents often come to play the saxophone and sing songs leisurely.

25.Shanghai Fashion Center

Shanghai Fashion Center combines the cultural heritage of century-old buildings with the natural resources along the Huangpu River. It consists of 6 functional parts, i.e. VIP club, show field, fashion outlets, loft, food and entertainment and serviced apartment.

26.Yangpu Waterworks

The building of Yangpu Waterworks is in the form of a traditional English castle. It's like a medieval English castle. The decorative elements make the building different from other industrial buildings in Shanghai. In 2013, it was listed in the seventh batch of key cultural relics sites under the state protection.

27.Shanghai Shipping Exchange

It's China's only national shipping exchange approved by the State Council, the Ministry of Transport and Shanghai Municipal People's Government. It is a significant move taken by the Chinese government to cultivate and develop China's shipping market in cooperation with the construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center.

28.Qinhuangdao Road Dock

Qinhuangdao Road Dock that took part in the Shanghai World Expo project now is the "East Bund Art Space" and the location of Shanghai Artists Association's Creation Center. It retains many historical traces of aquatic logistics in the old dock on the Shanghai Bund.