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Want Something Fresh? Enjoy Suzhou in New Ways!


The Most Classical Cultural Tour: A Fine Tour of Ancient Towns

New Ways to Enjoy Classic Places of Interest: A Private Tour of the Humble Administrator’s Garden Starts a New Era of Online Booking

Suzhou Gardens are the best in the world. There are hundreds of gardens with different characters. As the No. 1 garden in regions south of the Yangtze River, the Humble Administrator’s Garden has been famous for decades. It is a classic tourist attraction for those who visit Suzhou for the first time!

The garden has rockeries and flowing water, exquisite halls and pavilions, lush flowers and trees. The traditional Oriental aesthetic conception in Chinese painting and calligraphy is brought into reality from paper.

Outside the garden, the most common life over thousands of years in Suzhou continues. Inside the garden, the most elegant Oriental traditional spirit is in full bloom…

Kun Opera at Golden Valley Teahouse on Pingjiang Road: Love a City for Its Culture

Opening the door of Golden Valley Teahouse, you will see the oldest and most gorgeous opera namely Kun Opera on the stage. If you don't feel enough, you can put on a costume and play a role in the opera.

After enjoying the opera and finishing the tea, you can check into the Hotel Pingjiangfu. The hotel’s private North Half Garden will unfold before your eyes.

Mudu Ancient Town: A Place Visited by Emperor Qianlong for Six Times

In Suzhou, a casual wander will take you back to 2,500 years ago. Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty had six adventures in regions south of the Yangtze River and he visited Mudu every time he came.

As the only ancient garden town in regions south of the Yangtze River, it is famous for its profound cultural accumulation, elegant garden environment and popular historical legends.

The Most Modern and Stylish Tour: A Leisure Tour of the Lakes

Suzhou has a quiet and elegant traditional side. But by the rippling blue lakes, perhaps Suzhou presents more of a modern and stylish side!

Delicious Yangcheng Lake: A Fun Ride on the Bike

Cycling along the winding road, you can enjoy the clear water of Yangcheng Lake, visit the more than 1,500-year-old Chongyuan Temple on the way and stop by the Lotus Lake Park to feel the Buddhist feeling of “coming out of the mud without stain”. When you get tired, you can go to Suzhou Village to taste the most fashionable shopping life…

Artistic Jinji Lake: A Carefree Tour of the Lakeside

If gardens form the business card of classic Suzhou, Suzhou Center will be the prettiest business card of modern Suzhou!

During the day, you can visit Suzhou Center, as well as the first and only Eslite Bookstore on the Chinese mainland to feel the ambience of literature and art. At dusk, you can go to Ligong Dike to feel the carefree life in Suzhou.

There is no street or lane in Suzhou like Ligong Dike, which artfully integrates the unique landscape with historical and modern commercial elements.

Multidimensional Taihu Lake: Infinite Beauty of Taihu Lake, the World’s Lost Utopia

In Suzhou Taihu Vacation Zone, every scenic spot can always give people a different surprise. Taihu Park, Shigong Hill, Fishing Village…

You can visit the ancient village Luli to look for traces of the ancient tradition of working at sunrise and resting at sunset in the past.

You can visit the ancient village Mingyuewan to see the most unsophisticated village hedgerows in the ancient water village in regions south of the Yangtze River.

Whitebait, white prawn and white fish are called the “three whites in Taihu Lake”. They are famous for their perfect freshness. The taste is fresh, smooth and delicious.

Energetic Suzhou: It’s Like Time Travel

Suzhou has a classical side rooted in the ancient city, a fashionable side based on the lakeside, as well as a dynamic side like travelling from the future to present in fantasy movies!

HB Word�: Wander in the Most Fantastic Movie Space

HB World is a fantastic space spilt from the movie screen. It’s the best representative of a fashionable life. You must have a tour of HB World, to feel the fun of time travel!

Creathink Robot Museum�: Enter the Age of Robots

Located in Suzhou, as China’s first robot museum, it has collected cutting-edge intelligent robots from China, the USA, the UK, France, Japan and South Korea, etc.

Suzhou, a city famous for its gardens, not only has gardens and lakes, but also has a modern and futuristic side. Delicious food, scenery and humanity are blended. The most ancient cultural deposits and the most fashionable modern urban charm gather here.