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An Awesome New Landmark in the North Bund will Come the Public at the End of the Year!


A 320m New Landmark in Shanghai and the “Tallest Building in Puxi” with a 360° view of the Bund

Shanghai Magnolia Plaza’s gross building area is 420,000. The 320m high 66-storey building is in the North Bund, Hongkou District. The century old Bund is at its southwest, while Lujiazui is on the other side of the river in the south. Visitors can enjoy a panorama view of the Huangpu River without a ticket. After nightfall, the LED screens covering the building glow colorfully. There is also a huge apron on top of the building.

What's more exciting is that many IPs, including the first stores and flagship stores of big brands, Michelin restaurants, the “cyber celebrity” W Hotel, a top-class club, dinosaur park and aquarium will be opened in December. When the time comes, everything you want will be available. One month won’t be enough to enjoy the place completely!

Famous Restaurants Gather for the First Time,

3 First Stores in Shanghai+ 2 Flagship Stores+ Several Important IPs

The First Starbucks “High Profile Reserve” in Shanghai

When the Starbucks Reserve® Shanghai Roastery on Nanjing Road opened, it set the whole gourmet circle aflame. It’s said this first Starbucks High Profile Reserve in Shanghai will be even higher-end.

The First K PRO in Shanghai, a High-end Sub-brand of KFC

What's the difference between a K PRO and a regular KFC? First, the environment of K PRO looks more modern. The paperless order system is green and environment-friendly. The menu is reformed. Even light food, crayfish and beer are served here!

One of the Ten Must Steakhouses in New York, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse (the First One in Shanghai)

One of the ten must steakhouses in New York, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, sells textbook quality New York steaks. The extra-large tenderloin steaks are tender and juicy, which will make meat eaters very excited!

A Super Large Flagship Memory in Nayuki

The “cyber celebrity” café Memory in Nayuki that claims it only opens café in “top malls” also will have a super-large flagship café opened in Shanghai Magnolia Plaza. The nice environment is perfect for fair ladies to take photos!

An Authentic Danish Flagship BAKER&SPICE in China

It’s the largest Danish Flagship BAKER&SPICE in China! The warm Nordic style will make you feel as if you are in a mysterious hut in a Danish fairy tale. It serves delicious bread, cakes and healthy light food. And the menu is quite extensive!

In addition, Shanghai Magnolia Plaza will introduce many IP restaurants:

Antoine Group’s Michelin French restaurant,

the Sichuan cuisine restaurant Red Ibiscus Heaven,

the Panda Original Hot Pot,

Taier Chinese Sauerkraut Fish and other popular restaurants.

You won’t taste them all in one month!

The Birth of New Tourist Attractions in Shanghai,

3 First +3 Most

The First Miniatur Wunderland Exhibition Hall in Shanghai

The first Miniatur Wunderland Exhibition Hall in Shanghai will be opened in Shanghai Magnolia Plaza. Top-class black technology and miniature models are used to reproduce the dramatic changes of the Bund in the past century.

The First Indoor Changzhou China Dinosaur Park

It’s “China’s only urban exhibition hall of dinosaurs” presented in cooperation with Changzhou China Dinosaur Park. There are dinosaur park theater show with fossil exhibition, which will bring you back to the Jurassic kingdom!

The First Downtown Ocean Experiencing Center in Shanghai

In addition, Shanghai Magnolia Plaza will work with Haichang Ocean Park to launch the first downtown ocean experiencing center in Shanghai! You'll be able to take photos together with aquarium animals while shopping!

The Largest IMAX Cinema in Shanghai

This CGV cinema has 8 luxury digital movie halls, including the 4DX hall, the largest IMAX hall, high-end VIP halls integrating screening and café. Watching a movie here is definitely a great pleasure!

Top-Class Nightclub

Shanghai Magnolia Plaza will join hands with the international recreation brand SPACE and a Top 100 Club to present a top-class nightclub. It will integrate catering, luxury, music and other forms. Afternoon tea will also be served.

“Cyber Celebrity” Landmark in Shanghai

W Hotel in the Bund

There is also the W Hotel in the Bund, which has been famous for a while. With a 360° view of the Huangpu River, no matter to bask in the sunshine, or to indulge in the revelry at night, you can enjoy yourself from every angle!

Such tallest building in Puxi, which integrates sightseeing, food, shopping, recreation and culture, will undoubtedly become an important landmark in Hongkou and even in Shanghai. Just wait till December!