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Too exciting! A 40m Huge Slide and a 16m Swing Appear in the North Bund. Dare to Post Them on Tik Tok?


SIPG Cruise City has become Hongkou District’s first AAAA National Tourist Attraction!

Now, Shanghai has another new color. Here you can see the most beautiful city skyline.

The transportation is also convenient. And Metro Line 12 leads directly here.

It’s not crowded like other places but eye-catching.

Recently, a new exciting way to enjoy outdoor sports has appeared in the North Bund!

China’s first outdoor climbing facility introduced from Germany, the Magic Jungle, is open to the public!

The Magic Jungle has 5 layers, which are mainly supported by 13 steel structures. The higher you go, the higher the degree of difficulty becomes.

There are, it is said, nearly 100 kinds of extreme challenges (as various as it can goes).

For example, you can sliding down from a height of six storeys. The 40m long crazy slide will give you seconds of weightlessness, making you scream. It has 4 curves and it’s all semitransparent! Note this! Dare you to slide down with your eyes open?

There is a 16m huge swing. It must be awesome to post it on Tik Tok? You can swing at least five storeys high!

There is also wire cycling, single-log bridge, wire walking, zip line and so on. But for extreme sports lovers, it's also a place to prove yourself! You can enjoy yourself as long as you have the courage!

At last, post something on moments. Isn't it particularly cool?

There is also a parent-child area for children to play! It’s a new place for parents to spend time with their boys and girls!

There are also many places recommended by cyber celebrities nearby that you cannot miss!

Magnolia Plaza

As a new landmark in the North Bund, the tallest building in Puxi, a high-quality office building, an international modern shopping mall and a recreational center, Magnolia Plaza will be opened in early Dec.

The Gate of Music

A quick glance at SIPG Cruise City through The Gate of Music

It’s located in Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal, between several office buildings. Many people like to take photos here.

The Building of Shanghai Dock and Engineering Co., Ltd.

A Heritage Architecture in Hongkou District

Built more than 100 years ago, the building Shanghai Dock and Engineering Co., Ltd. was a shipyard established by British merchants in China. It integrates Chinese and Western styles, with Chinese and Burmese elements demonstrated.

Happy Sports Park

Three Parent-Child Physical Education Activities

There are three parent-child physical education activities: SUTU interactive football field, SONA rainbow, MEMO game maze. They are very suitable for parent-child games.

Forever Café (Shanghai International Port)

A Forever Bicycles Themed Café

It’s a Forever Bicycles themed café. Everything in the decoration is associated with a bike. Any casual snapshot is a picture of the ins style.

NEG ME Patisserie

A Pink French Dessert Shop

It’s a French dessert shop. The pink shop sign will definitely make you fall in love with it at first sight. The vintage wooden tables and chairs and pink striped sofas will bring you a relaxing afternoon.

Erman's Kitchen

The Mediterranean Style in the North Bund

It features new Mediterranean western food. The decoration style is simple and lively. Exquisite birdcage rooms, comfortable sofa cushions, and fresh flowers on the tables…You can eat stylish foreign food without leaving Shanghai.

Drei Kronen 1308 Brauhaus

A beer house where you can drink beer and eat meat to your heart’s content

This restaurant is like a tavern in a medieval German town. It’s very Germ