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Elite women's 10K race set for December


The 2018 Shanghai International Women’s Elite 10K Race will be held in Changning District on December 2, the organizers announced yesterday.

It will be the largest women’s 10-kilometer race in Shanghai’s downtown area, featuring a total of 4,000 female participants – 3,500 in the 10K main race and 500 in the 2km health run.

“The women’s 10K will be a complementary race for the existing major running events in Shanghai,” said Zhou Jin, general manager of organizer Shanghai Donghao Lansheng Event Management Company.

His company also organizes the Shanghai International Marathon.

Zhou said the 10K will be upgraded to the Shanghai International Women’s Half Marathon next year.

“We want to encourage the habit of running among women, and gradually cultivate more female runners, who can start from 10km and take part in the 21km half marathon next year,” said Zhou.

A Chinese Athletics Association’s report from 2017 showed that about 73 percent of regular runners in China are men, while 27 percent are women.

The 10K race will start and finish at Zhongshan Park in Changning District.

Registration for the race started on Monday and will last till 5pm on Wednesday. Organizers will hold a lucky draw to distribute the quotas and the result will be announced on November 6.

Those interested can log on to www.shang-ma.com or register through the event’s official APP. Registration fee for 10K race is 100 yuan (US$6.95) per person and 50 yuan for the health run.

The race will start at 7:20am on December 2, with both start and finish lines set in Zhongshan Park. The route covers Changning Road, Zunyi Road, Xingyi Road, Honggu Road, Furongjiang Road, Tianshan Road, Shuicheng Road and Wanhangdu Road in Changning District.

The top Chinese finisher of the 10K race will be rewarded with entrance to the 2019 Nagoya Women’s Marathon in Japan.

To highlight the female element of the race, the medals are designed into a necklace shape. All volunteers and referees to serve for the race will be male. Hair dressing service will be arranged at the finish line as well as massage and food counters.

runner's T-shirt

necklace-shaped medal

Source: SHINE

Editor: Wang Xiang