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Hospital has designs on reducing children's fears


Officials and doctors from Shanghai Children's Medical Center discuss the display showing cute designs to help reduce children's fear during treatment.

Shanghai Children’s Medical Center has teamed up with Tongji University to develop designs to reduce children’s fear and anxiety and turn the facility into a so-called “no-cry” hospital.

A total of 14 designs from masks with funny animal faces and an atomizer designed like an elephant that children can control themselves to a bag-like infant intravenous injection kit are on display through November 5 at the hospital for suggestions and opinions from medical staff, the public, parents and even child patients themselves. The hospital and university also want to attract attention of companies to help produce the items.

“Our team visited the entire hospital including waiting rooms, injection rooms, surgery rooms and wards to look at the demand of parents and child patients and help develop items which can ease the children’s anxiety and release patients’ pressure psychologically or physically, “ said Liu Zhenyuan, the Tongji University teacher heading the project.

“Through these interesting and cute designs, the hospital is no longer just a place to treat disease but a place with fun and art.”

The medical center's Dr Ji Qingying said the hospital has introduced many measures to help reduce children’s anxiety and give them a more comfortable and relaxing environment.

“These designs can help reduce anxiety of parents and children and it also can reduce the workload of medical staff and enhance good communication between patients and doctors,” she said. “We hope these designs can be made into products soon and be available for use in many hospitals.”

Source: SHINE

Editor: Cai Wenjun