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Curtain up on drama festival


The 16th College Drama Festival of Shanghai was launched at Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center on Monday night.

A total of 64 works presented by 47 groups from 36 Shanghai universities are taking part in this year’s event, with 14 plays, eight long and six short, vying for awards in the final, the results of which will be announced on June 2.

Since its debut in 2004, the festival's aim has been to popularize the dramatic arts, encourage the production of original works, build a cooperation platform and increase the influence of universities. It provides a valuable incubator for students.

A musical performance sector has been added this year, and four musicals will be presented during the two-week event.

“With the rise of the musical and the popularity of musical theater actors in Shanghai, we added the form of theatrical performance to the festival,” said Tian Shui, Party secretary of the arts center. “The quality of the works created or performed by young people is becoming higher and higher. They are very sincere. Their education might help them have a better understanding of theater.”

Before the opening ceremony, a group of students from Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts performed an excerpt from “Les Miserables” in the public space on the third floor of the arts center.

The newly renovated center offers young theatrical talent an excellent performing environment.

“The interior space on the third floor has been rearranged. Since there are a large number of groups participating in this year’s festival, we want to take full advantage of our space and present more works,” said Tian. “The festival is back home again.”

Source: SHINE

Editor: Liu Qi